Sanamluang Cafe

A few nights ago we went to a Thai restaurant called Sanamluang Cafe in North Hollywood.  I love this place. I used to go there quite a bit but it’s been a good 4 years since my last visit. (Before moving back to the Valley we had been living/dog sitting two Rhodesian Ridgebacks in Laurel Canyon and then moved over to Beverly Hills Adjacent…that always sounds so douchey to me. Technically we were living off La Cienega and Robertson but it’s easier to say the former. )

This trip was extra fun because it was Seth’s first time and I got to be his guide to the wonderousness of Pork Floss and Jellyfish. YUP! Pork floss and jellyfish. I’ll get to that in a moment.

It’s located on Sherman Way close to Coldwater Canyon in a shopping center that makes you feel as though you were in the middle of Thai town.  To the left of the restaurant, in a small courtyard like area, there’s an insanely pretty shrine.




There are also some neat sun faded signs outside of a market next door.


Quick heads up, the lighting in my pictures is a bit interesting due to the plethora of neon lights decorating Sananluang. Actually, all of the decor is very interesting and downright funny sometimes.  In addition to neon and stainless steel everywhere it has lots of random artwork on the walls….and they seems to have a thing for horses.


We sat on the patio. A good thing to be aware of is that this place is Cash Only and they don’t have a liquor license. While that’s a bit of a “womp-womp” it has surprisingly amazing hours 9am-3am and the prices are great. If you’re in the mood for a drink (either before or after) there’s a great Tiki bar (Tonga Hut) nearby that I would always stop at anytime I would go to Sanamluang.  Now that place has AMAZING decor, velvet paintings and everything. Fun!


I’m a big texture person and that is a big factor as to my favorite dishes I always order.  The first is Hawaiin Fried Rice with “pork floss”.


What the hell is pork floss? …is exactly what I asked myself the first time I saw it. I was so intrigued by it that instead of asking the waiter what it was I just blindly ordered it. It’s awesome. It looks almost like dry fiborous insulation you’d find in a wall.  Here’s Wikipedia’s description…

Bah-sang, also called meat wool, meat floss, pork floss, flossy pork, pork sung, or yuk sung, is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton, originating from China.[1] Rousong is used as a topping for many foods, such as congee, tofu, and savory soy milk. It is also used as filling for various buns and pastries, and as a snack food on its own. Rousong is a very popular food item in Chinese cuisine and Taiwanese cuisine.



Next up…JELLY FISH! 😀

They only have two dishes in their expansive menu that offers jelly fish as an ingredient. One is in a seafood salad and the other, which we got, is  Yen-Ta-Fo, a seafood soup. While the soup is pretty good it’s just not my favorite. It IS, however, definitely worth ordering at least once and if you love it more than I do, many more times. I mainly ordered it for the jelly fish and because Seth had never had it before. The soup is bright Pepto Bismol pink. Pretty jarring but delightful and it fits in with all the neon lighting.



The jellyfish was not at all like how one may imagine. For one thing, there’s nothing jelly-like about it. It’s opaque in color and looks like a ribbony slippery sea sponge. When you bite into it it has a bouncy crunchy-ness. That’s the best I can do description wise. It’s such an interesting texture. I have no idea if jellyfish have a flavor of their own because it either doesn’t really and just absorbs flavors or you simply can’t taste it over the soup’s broth. Supposedly, it’s pretty good for you.


The last thing we ordered and shared was something new for me. Since I dictated most of the meal I asked Seth to pick our 3rd dish. He chose Kai Tao Jeaw, steamed Hainan chicked topped with spicy ginger and black bean sauce.


This was new for me too and didn’t look at all like how I expected.


The chicken was insanely tender. I wasn’t sure how i’d feel about steamed chicken skin but that as well was so tender my fork easily cut through. I was expecting a dark sauce or at least beans that are black but Pfff…it was tasty, I didn’ care.

The only things I wasn’t crazy about were some random “salt pockets” as Seth called it. I LOVE salty but there were some bites that were a bit intense even for me. It also said spicy ginger on the menu but there was nothing spicy about it.  Maybe they didn’t think our baby mouths could handle it. We love our spicy.

Other than that it was really good. Tangy and citrusy (very tangy,…I drooled a bit) and the ginger was refreshing.

The service was good. This was the slowest I had ever seen it. Normally, it’s pretty packed and as a result the service slows down understandably (I saw some people bitching about it on Yelp).  Meh.

Overall, I love this place.

On the way out I had to take a picture of the street lamps they have in the parking lot. They crack me up.