Trip! Barcelona PART II

Our cruise brought us back to port in Barcelona. We loved Barcelona so much the first time around we made sure to have a last run around and spent some extra time in the Gothic quarter. Here is what ensued before the flight to our next destination!



The Michael Cera Museum...heh heh

The Michael Cera Museum…heh heh



Amazing chorizo and cava at La Champaigneria

Amazing chorizo and cava at La Champaigneria

BAR 12          BAR 13

BAR 14

BAR 15

BAR 16

BAR 17

BAR 18          BAR 19

street performer

street performer

BAR 21

Can you see Me?

Can you see Me?

BAR 23

BAR 24

BAR 25

BAR 26

BAR 27

BAR 28       BAR 29

BAR 30

BAR 31

BAR 32


Barcelona: My Favorite Meal

Of the places i’ve been, Barcelona and Ireland are my favorite. Let’s focus on Barcelona…

Barcelona really blew me away. Not only does it have an almost identical climate to my sunny Southern California but the food…THE FOOD!! I’ve always felts i’ve had a bit of a goofy palate but everything I had in Barcelona was like it was made for my exact palate.  This dish in particular really captures that.

My favorite meal with my favorite Sangria.

My favorite meal with my favorite Sangria.

I would describe it but I made a 1 page comic based on my actual reaction to this delectableness which you can check out below!


Upcoming Travel Posts

I just realized that it’s been 2 years (and 2 weeks) since our Epic Trip that Seth and I took.  It was entirely through Seth’s genius and meticulous planning and utilization of flyer and rewards points and just overall brilliant orchestration that we were able to travel to Boston, New York, Barcelona, Ibiza, Ireland, and in between all this a cruise that took us to Rome, Pisa, and Cannes (during the Cannes film festival)….all this on very very little money.  We also avoided hotels when we could and resorted to staying with friends or used AirBNB. This trip took place over the course of 19 days (give or take a day).  I’m still in shock that this amazing trip happened.

Btw, before this trip I had only been on an airplane once (technically twice if you count the return trip).  So, this trip was extra-extreme and intense. I loved every second of it. In honor of the anniversary of this trip I’ll be posting pictures from this trip and a comic or two. Hope you guys enjoy as much as I’ll enjoy re-living it.