Urban Radish

Coffee roasty stout beer and raisins on the vine. My kind of snack. You can find this awesome little gem of a market, Urban Radish, in the Downtown Arts District.



Beer: Creme Brulee

This picture was taken and this beer was had when the LA Kings beat the Chicago Blackhawks. I am a Kings fan and with that said, the Blackhawks are a very classy and intelligently built team and are the one team I wouldn’t mind losing to had that gone the other way.  Iiiiintensity!!! Once the Kings won our friend pulled a special beer out and said, “Such a sweet victory deserves a sweet beer.” (This same friend and his lovely lady wife had just returned from a trip to Boston and this was one of the lil treasures they brought back with them.)

COMMENTATOR: How do you Kings play so well in the face of adversity? MARTINEZ:....mm...crème brûlèe

COMMENTATOR: How do you Kings play so well in the face of adversity?
MARTINEZ:….mm…crème brûlèe


My sweet tooth is almost non existent. I consider a jar of olives dessert.  Maybe a few times a year if i’m really pmsy i’ll have ice cream or something cinnamon based or spiced otherwise I may take a small bite of Seth’s desserts just to have an idea of what they taste like.  So, I may have slightly scrunched my face a bit when I heard the word sweet.  My scrunchy face was premature.

Sweet or not I was going to have some of this beer since Southern Tier doesn’t have distribution on the West coast and the only way to get some is to buy, ship, or trade with someone online or have a loved one bring it to you as a souvenir. ( http://www.beeradvocate.com is a great way to find hard to get beers)

Long story short, it’s very dark,  has 9.6% ABV,  has a strong complex smell that wafts warm creamy vanilla, caramel, and cinnamon flavors with hints of a boozy coffee into your face….AND I wanted smoosh my face into the beer because it smelled that good.  Which I couldn’t believe.

I like Milk Stouts just fine (this is an Imperial Milk Stout) but I don’t tend to seek them out on my own because for my goofy palate I feel that the taste doesn’t typically live up to the aroma but this was perfect for me.  It still has a sweetness but you taste more of a nice roasty flavor all while still being able to smell that “brulee” smell so they really balance and complement eachother. So many fun things this beer can be paired with!

Mikkeller Bar!

Seth’s younger brother is getting married in September and looks like that means a trip to San Fransisco! I haven’t been since I was TINY and hardly remember a thing and as a result I already have a small list (that’s growing exponentially by the minute) of fun things to experience.  The newest thing that has been added to the list includes a new Mikkeller Bar that’s opening up in August.





Too bad we’ll be missing out on that “Beer Brunch” but i’m still excited.  They have a lot of fantastically interesting beers. Already I’m impatient to post pictures and stories from this upcoming trip!

"I Hardcore You" -The first Mikkeller beer label I ever laid eyes on (on my first date with my fiance.  D'aww!)

“I Hardcore You” -The first Mikkeller beer label I ever laid eyes on (on my first date with my fiance. D’aww!)

Gueuze booze and Canadian cheese

Last Friday, Seth and I had the super privilege of attending a get-together at our friend’s house. This same friend recently returned from Montréal with some raw milk cheese that isn’t available here in the States due to the fact it hasn’t been aged for 60 days. Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures (enjoying the company and cheese too much) BUT it was AMAZING. So salty. Much balance.  


As would be expected with this lovely group of friends and new acquaintances there were some super tasty beers to be had.  Seth and I brought a bottle of “Oude Quetsche Tilquin à l’Ancienne ” by Gueuzerie Tilquin. 





A Lambic of mouth watering purple plums. (Sounds dirty). We first came across this beer during a crazy epic trip we took a couple years ago (which i’ll have to discuss in a post all it’s own). We happened to find a place that had this beer on tap. Seth ordered us two glasses and the bartender looked horrified and said, “You don’t want. Trust me. Is acid beer.” To which Seth replied, “OH, WE WANT!”  While it’s only 6.4% ABV it’s very heavy on flavor and tartness (which we love) and so you can imagine our sparkly eyes when he served our drinks in two large pint glasses.

Discovering a treasure trove of Cantillon bottles in Barcelona. Check out Seth's face!

Discovering a treasure trove of Cantillon bottles in Barcelona. Check out Seth’s face!

So, not only was it lots of fun to revisit this beer with that company and that cheese (and lot’s of other vegan/vegetarian friendly amazingness) ……but that was also the same night the Kings played Duck Hunt. >:D  GO KINGS!!!!