New Website!!

It’s been much too long and I have good news and kind of bad news but it’s actually all good news.

My new website is done!!!  Here it is!! —>  Caro Draws

The kind of bad news but actually good news is this:

I don’t plan on posting on this blog anymore. :/ that’s the womp womp HOWEVER, I do have a blog on my website and between that and my instagram i’ll basically be absorbing this blog into it.

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Angel Fish Photobomb

We added quite a few snails to our two fish tanks to combat an overgrowth of algae and also for asthetics. They’re pretty rad and as such I wanted to get a couple pictures of them….tried to I should say. Have you ever seen an Angel Fish photobomb? No? Well, here’s one. He would not get out of the way, no matter where I moved. Someone got jellie like a jealous jellyfish! Oooh!


AF 1

AF 2

AF 3

Soft Dolls

Here’s something random I picked up from my last haul at a used bookstore! A doll making-stitching book in Japanese no less. :O  Most of them are super cute but a little too “precious moments” for me. Eventually i’d like to set some time aside to make one but i’d probably give them a different face. …There were a couple dolls in here I found on the creepy side. Maybe it’s just me. I didn’t get a chance to scan those ones but maybe that’s for the best. 😛  Enjoy!

BOOK soft doll

BOOK soft doll 1

BOOK soft doll 2

BOOK soft doll 3

BOOK soft doll 4

BOOK soft doll 5

BOOK soft doll 6

BOOK soft doll 7

BOOK soft doll 8

BOOK soft doll 9

BOOK soft doll 10

BOOK soft doll 11

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Another place I like to peruse for used books is called Next Chapter Books on Sherman Way in Canoga Park. Not too long ago I came across this gem. It’s not a first edition and I couldn’t care less. I must have watched the ’53 film version a million times growing up and had hoped to get around to reading the book it was based on someday. My face looked a little something like this –> *_*  when I happened to come across this book by chance.  I would describe this book in nauseating detail but I think these pictures AND illustrations (!) do it much better justice….

BOOK gpb





BOOK gpb 3

BOOK gpb 5

BOOK gpb 6

BOOK gpb 7

BOOK gpb 8

BOOK gpb 9

BOOK gpb 10

The Needlework Book

Today I visited a Goodwill bookstore attached to it’s donation center. I’ve passed by this place thousands of times and can’t believe I hadn’t gone in sooner. Great finds and I didn’t see anything over $3 and that price was rare. (mostly $1-$2) I walked away with a nice stack but for now i’ll start with this book, The Needlework Book, written by Wanda Passadore.  It is aaaawesome. It has how-to’s from selecting fabric, thread, frames to reproducing designs and just about any and every stitch you could think of (and so many i’ve never heard of) and let’s not forget appliqued work. patchwork, smocking, beaded embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, knitting etc. etc. etc.  The best part is that due to it being published in 1969 it has some amazing and wonderfully rad pictures. I must share some….

BOOK needlepoint

BOOK needlepoint 1

BOOK needlepoint 2

BOOK needlepoint 3

BOOK needlepoint 4

BOOK needlepoint 5

BOOK needlepoint 6

BOOK needlepoint 7

BOOK needlepoint 8

BOOK needlepoint 9

BOOK needlepoint 10

BOOK needlepoint 11


Takara Jenny

Ooooh MAN! Nostalgia time!

Recently I came across this little advertisement that came with a doll I had purchased years and years ago. I wouldn’t call myself a doll collector, outside of when I was a kid, but I am a collector of books, knick knacks, anything cute that strikes my fancy, and the most random and seemingly useless of things. I’m 30 and I still get scolded for picking dirty toy dinosaurs and bouncy balls (etc) up off the street.

Takara Jenny first showed up in the early 80s and is the Japanese equivalent to Barbie. She was even called Takara Barbie for a couple years.



It wasn’t long before I broke down and bought one. I couldn’t resist their cute faces! I was mesmerized and felt I owed it to Little Caro to make up for my Barbies that never quite did it for me. They just weren’t my type but I made do.


After finding this advertisement I did some light scrounging online and found some interesting things. The first being a Takara Jenny commercial….


As if that weren’t interesting enough I was laughing my ass off when I saw they made a tv show featuring Takara Jenny dolls. Oh, I love you Japan….


OH! I also tried to find a picture of the doll I had purchased. Sadly, she didn’t survive when my parents moved out of their house of 15 years. I chose a doll named Kaori. I really disliked her clothes and accessories. She was a surfer and came with a potato sack like dress,  puked-up-sherbert colored halter top, and board shorts that were boxy and huge. However, her name was somewhat close to mine, she had an articulated body (which was not typical compared to her bendy limbed sisters) and …ohhh that cute face!

This is the best picture I could of that Kaori doll. …..mine was cuter :3

takara jenny kaori surfer