Soft Dolls

Here’s something random I picked up from my last haul at a used bookstore! A doll making-stitching book in Japanese no less. :O  Most of them are super cute but a little too “precious moments” for me. Eventually i’d like to set some time aside to make one but i’d probably give them a different face. …There were a couple dolls in here I found on the creepy side. Maybe it’s just me. I didn’t get a chance to scan those ones but maybe that’s for the best. 😛  Enjoy!

BOOK soft doll

BOOK soft doll 1

BOOK soft doll 2

BOOK soft doll 3

BOOK soft doll 4

BOOK soft doll 5

BOOK soft doll 6

BOOK soft doll 7

BOOK soft doll 8

BOOK soft doll 9

BOOK soft doll 10

BOOK soft doll 11


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