The Needlework Book

Today I visited a Goodwill bookstore attached to it’s donation center. I’ve passed by this place thousands of times and can’t believe I hadn’t gone in sooner. Great finds and I didn’t see anything over $3 and that price was rare. (mostly $1-$2) I walked away with a nice stack but for now i’ll start with this book, The Needlework Book, written by Wanda Passadore.  It is aaaawesome. It has how-to’s from selecting fabric, thread, frames to reproducing designs and just about any and every stitch you could think of (and so many i’ve never heard of) and let’s not forget appliqued work. patchwork, smocking, beaded embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, knitting etc. etc. etc.  The best part is that due to it being published in 1969 it has some amazing and wonderfully rad pictures. I must share some….

BOOK needlepoint

BOOK needlepoint 1

BOOK needlepoint 2

BOOK needlepoint 3

BOOK needlepoint 4

BOOK needlepoint 5

BOOK needlepoint 6

BOOK needlepoint 7

BOOK needlepoint 8

BOOK needlepoint 9

BOOK needlepoint 10

BOOK needlepoint 11



4 thoughts on “The Needlework Book

  1. That is a great find! I love vintage needlework. I bet you are getting so many ideas for projects. The ring crocheted mat is so clever and full of possibilities. Your blog is fun! I want to hit ‘like’ on so many of your posts, lol but I am reigning myself in.

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