Bike Path: This Guy

Sadly, my front tire is completely flat…again. That didn’t stop me from strolling down our block to Balboa Park over the weekend. I came across this guy. I think the reason he let me get so close was that in his direct  path was a family with a formidable looking pug and I think he took his chances with me.  I’m not as intimidating as I think I am.







Soft Dolls

Here’s something random I picked up from my last haul at a used bookstore! A doll making-stitching book in Japanese no less. :O  Most of them are super cute but a little too “precious moments” for me. Eventually i’d like to set some time aside to make one but i’d probably give them a different face. …There were a couple dolls in here I found on the creepy side. Maybe it’s just me. I didn’t get a chance to scan those ones but maybe that’s for the best. 😛  Enjoy!

BOOK soft doll

BOOK soft doll 1

BOOK soft doll 2

BOOK soft doll 3

BOOK soft doll 4

BOOK soft doll 5

BOOK soft doll 6

BOOK soft doll 7

BOOK soft doll 8

BOOK soft doll 9

BOOK soft doll 10

BOOK soft doll 11

Deconstructing Alice

Years ago I had to make a collage in a community college art class. Which, at the time, sounded dull but once I got an Alice in Wonderland theme stuck in my head I couldn’t be stopped. I was pretty proud of it at the time and kept it out on display and then through the course of time and a few moves it wound up in storage forgotten about until recently. I’m surprised it survived at all. There’s a bit of damage here and there and quite a bit of warping but surprisingly entact. I can’t bring myself to junk it and so I’ve decided to deconstruct it and save and frame a piece here and there or recycle pieces of it into new projects. I’m still trying to decide how to go about this. For the time being, it’s leaning on a bookshelf in my office like a tired bitter drunk.  I’m open to ideas! 🙂







The bunny is one of the few things I didn't make. I found him in a scrapbooking store....and he's since gone blind.

The bunny is one of the few things I didn’t make. I found him in a scrapbooking store….and he’s since gone blind.

I gave Alice a functioning pocket. I'd find a lot of random things stuck in there.

I gave Alice a functioning pocket. I’d find a lot of random things stuck in there.

I glued some thin cloth-like paper to make her dress and cut up paper doilies to make her lacey  undergarment.

I glued some thin cloth-like paper to make her dress and cut up paper doilies to make her lacey undergarment.


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Another place I like to peruse for used books is called Next Chapter Books on Sherman Way in Canoga Park. Not too long ago I came across this gem. It’s not a first edition and I couldn’t care less. I must have watched the ’53 film version a million times growing up and had hoped to get around to reading the book it was based on someday. My face looked a little something like this –> *_*  when I happened to come across this book by chance.  I would describe this book in nauseating detail but I think these pictures AND illustrations (!) do it much better justice….

BOOK gpb





BOOK gpb 3

BOOK gpb 5

BOOK gpb 6

BOOK gpb 7

BOOK gpb 8

BOOK gpb 9

BOOK gpb 10

The Needlework Book

Today I visited a Goodwill bookstore attached to it’s donation center. I’ve passed by this place thousands of times and can’t believe I hadn’t gone in sooner. Great finds and I didn’t see anything over $3 and that price was rare. (mostly $1-$2) I walked away with a nice stack but for now i’ll start with this book, The Needlework Book, written by Wanda Passadore.  It is aaaawesome. It has how-to’s from selecting fabric, thread, frames to reproducing designs and just about any and every stitch you could think of (and so many i’ve never heard of) and let’s not forget appliqued work. patchwork, smocking, beaded embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, knitting etc. etc. etc.  The best part is that due to it being published in 1969 it has some amazing and wonderfully rad pictures. I must share some….

BOOK needlepoint

BOOK needlepoint 1

BOOK needlepoint 2

BOOK needlepoint 3

BOOK needlepoint 4

BOOK needlepoint 5

BOOK needlepoint 6

BOOK needlepoint 7

BOOK needlepoint 8

BOOK needlepoint 9

BOOK needlepoint 10

BOOK needlepoint 11