This Dude is Now Clothed

I made this little outfit out of Houndstooth felt with functioning buttons and the glasses are made out of pipe cleaner.  In the future, I should be able to contain my excitement and actually draw, measure, and take my time with my stitches instead of free-handing and eyeballing everything. My stitches were a bit sloppy but ehhhhhh, he turned out cute as hell.



3 thoughts on “This Dude is Now Clothed

  1. And how distinguished he looks in his specs! I think the outfit is a bonus too – he might’ve been a little unsettling if he’d kept flashing his bum at everyone 🙂

  2. Haha! Thank you guys! When I told my sister I made this cat for her she said, “My long, cool cat friend, Meow Zedong, will now have someone to kick it with while i’m not around.” (She has a long pillow in the shape of a cute black cat). This distinguished cat can now make a respectable first impression…….altho, now that I think about it her cat pillow is naked…

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