Bike Path: Crane Hangin’ Out By The Stream

Seth borrowed my bike again and took this picture at Balboa Park which is at the end of our street and is the beginning of my bike path.



4 thoughts on “Bike Path: Crane Hangin’ Out By The Stream

  1. Oh, your bike path is a thing of beauty! Must be a joy to ride. Btw Seth does seem to have a knack for capturing picturesque scenes whenever you hand over the bike and camera. Sure he isn’t angling for a blog of his own…?

    • Haha! Eventually I may convince him but until then he’s the type to take pictures and then just lets them sit on his phone and can’t be bothered with them. Until that day comes, i’ll just continue to nag him to send me his pics and share on his behalf.

    • I’ll tell Seth you said so! 😉 We had been living a bit more in the heart of Los Angeles the last few years and just this past March moved to the San Fernando Valley. I was born and raised in the Valley but would never have thought to move to this specific area as it’s not far off from Van Nuys (the porn capital of the world). We lucked out and really love it. ❤

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