Nikujaga 肉じゃが

I’ve surprised myself with how few “FOOD” posts I’ve made. That will be changing soon. I’ll also be working on getting better pictures. I’m currently relying on my cell phone which is still relatively new. We’re still getting to know each other….especially through auto-correct.

Seth poured his Nikujaga over rice sprinkled with Sriracha and Furikake.

Seth poured his Nikujaga over rice sprinkled with Sriracha and Furikake.


I made Nikujaga in my Crock Pot recently. I love the idea (and taste!) of Nikujaga. It’s a super comfort food that literally means “meat” and “potato” and is such a comfort food that you typically don’t find it in most restraunts in Japan AND it’s something that is closely linked with “Mom”.  ❤ Aww

Crock Pots...just pour it in and walk away. Much like "dropping the mic and walking away".

Crock Pots…just pour it in and walk away. Much like “dropping the mic and walking away”.

My future mother-in-law is half Japanese (Her mother was from Sendai) and on occasion would cook Homey Japanese meals, like Nikujaga, for her three boys. Seth didn’t necessarily take these meals for granted but assumed everyone ate like this until he was older. As a result we’ve been having these cute moments where I’ll randomly pick a Japanese meal to make and when I tell Seth I get an, “Oh? That sounds good.” and after seeing the ingredients and tasting the meal he has these moments similar to the movie Ratatouille, in which, his mind is blown, “Heeeey!! I used to eat this when I was a kid!!”.  ME: “Really? What did you guys call it?”  SETH: “Uhh, I don’t know. Nothing really. Meaty stew? Ricey wrapper stuff?”

The last two meals we’ve had this happen with were Inarizushi and Golden Curry.

Aaaanyways! I’ve been very antsy to use my Crock Pot and found a Nikujaga recipe for it. The one I found on Pinterest I think uses ALOT of sugar (i’m cutting it back next time).  It also says to dice the onion but I love  having everything in choppy hearty chunks. I wanted something quick and easy at the time, hence the Crock Pot, and this tasted great. It had big cubes of stewing beef that are so tender they shred and fall apart and blend in with the tender potatoes and flavor soaked carrots. It is on the sweet side but with the soy sauce and sake to balance with it creates an umami savoriness. Savory is definitely the word for it. Super easy and quick to prepare!

You can find the recipe HERE

Another thing I love about this meal is how creative you can get with it. It’s so basic and simple but there are so many personal twists you can give it.

Next time I want to make a stove top version with thinly sliced beef, dashi stock, and shirataki noodles to go along with the potato, carrots, and maybe some green beans or snow peas.  Similar to the recipe found here

Nikujaga 肉じゃが Recipe |


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