Cross Stitching Update

I previously posted some information on this lil piece i’ve been working on which you can read up on under my “Crafty & Artsy” file.  I’m having a lot of fun with this but at the same time I have no idea why the hell I was so cocky and decided to have a completely filled up background.  It is pretty cute, tho.  However, I’m getting antsy as i’m getting behind on other projects I have building up on my To-Do list but I should be having some shiny new things to post soon.

This isn’t my own design although I did take some small creative liberties with it. (which I explain in more detail in that previous post). I can’t wait to start drawing out my own designs and patterns! That’s going to be next on my list.



2 thoughts on “Cross Stitching Update

  1. How adorable and sweet… 😀 I can never take any creative liberties, not intentionally though, as I am really not creative at all. When there’s a deviation, it’s usually a mistake which I am too lazy to rectify.

    • Thanks! 😀 Those little imperfections are great, tho. They add so much character. That’s what I remind myself when I have my lazy or off-days. :3

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