Bike Path: Gear

In April I bought myself a used Schwinn bicycle and decided to start biking to work.  Well, to be more specific a drunk driver totaled my parked car and my fiance, Seth, said, “Why not bike to work?” Indeed! Why the hell not? I would whine all the time about not getting enough exercise and who wants to spend money on gas when you could be spending it on something tasty? Oh, and let’s not forget the environment.

It sounded like a great idea and it’s a good thing I took to the idea when I did because if I had really thought about the distance I would have hesitated.  My ears thought they were being deceived when I returned home from work my first day biking to hear Seth say, “Guess what, you biked 15 miles today!” @_@  <(I DID WHAT?!)

I really thought I was only biking anywhere from 4-7 miles both ways.  I will pat myself on the back as I say, “Nope!”.  7.5 miles each way, 15 miles a day, 5 days a week = 75 miles a week.  I can be VERY lazy when I allow myself to be so this is still a great shock to me.

Needless to say, I’ve really taken to biking. Love it in fact.

I get to see a lot of random little interesting things going To-and-Fro on my bike path and I thought this would be a good place to share it all. I’m trying to be quicker about getting pictures because there’s also some GREAT people watching and animal watching to be had.

Before I get to the bike path i’m going to start with an important piece of gear I have…….my Ninja Turtle backpack.

Turtle Power

Turtle Power

biker in a half shell

biker in a half shell


A backpack is a necessity for me and Seth surprised me with this one for completing my first week of biking.  He knows me so well. This backpack actually came with plastic replicas of all the turtle’s weapons AND each of their ninja eye masks!! If I get lazy this Halloween I’ve got an easy costume waiting for me.  I’ve gotten a surprising amount of compliments on my backpack from a wide spectrum of people/kids. One of my favorite was while I was stopped at a red light waiting to cross the street when I hear a man yelling at me, “Hey! Hey! HEY!! HEEEY!!!” He sounded creepy so I ignored him until he started yelling, “HEEEEY! BIKER!! YOU BIKER!!!” So, I finally turn around and a grownsed-ass man is hanging half way out the passenger side window of a car also waiting at this red light and he says, “Great backpack, man!”  O_O  “Thanks, dude.”

Anytime I mention biking on facebook a friend of mine always posts the following picture. He says he’s convinced this is how I must look.  He’s not far off.

The helmet, the pedals, and meeeeee

The helmet, the pedals, and meeeeee










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