My Mom has a box full of fast food Happy Meal toys and Kid’s Meal toys that she’s hung on to since the late 80s convinced that as collector’s items she’ll be able to retire off them one day…or if not then she’ll pawn them onto her future grandchildren.  Meow Ma (one of our nicknames for her. Our  Dad is “Bear Pa”) suggested I have a look and so I took a trip down memory lane and scrounged around the box. I found an Ursula doll from the Little Mermaid.  Meow Ma was kind enough to let me have my old toy back.



When I got home I looked around for a good place to put her. In our shower we have a built in shelf that’s at about eye level and that is where I left her. I was quickly distracted by other things and didn’t mention it at all to Seth.  The next day when I went to take a shower I found her like this….

"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”


I had forgotten all about it when Seth sent me a text saying he was very startled when he went to take a shower.  I laughed very hard of course and said I had wondered why she was turned around. To which he replied, “She was judging me!”


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