Ridiculously Cute Cross Stitching

I got this freaking adorable Cross Stitching book in the mail today.

Cross Stitch

I’m overwhelming myself with cuteness. >_<  Very excited about this.  I’ve been researching and looking around online for interesting cross stitching patterns and ideas. Each time I look my search results get cuter and cuter and now it’s gotten so cute I need to bite a kitten.

Right now my favorite designs are done by Gera! KYOKO MARUOKA. Here’s a little something I started based on a Gera design. 


I still have a long way to go.  However, it’s pretty ridiculous how much fun i’m having stitching it.


4 thoughts on “Ridiculously Cute Cross Stitching

    • Haha I first came across it in a google image search for, “japanese cute cross stitch” and had a similar reaction, “AAAAH Where can I get this?!” I followed some links and found the most consistent means was through Etsy. The seller
      “pomadour24” seems to have a great selection straight from Japan. :3

      • AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! New favourite shop ever!!! Ended up buying this one and the Disney embroidery one too… I could have ended up spending a fortune on there! Hehe

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